Plant Label, Rainbow Colours T Type Garden Marker Tags

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Forget boring Plant Tags & say hello to 'PLANTAEGE'!

If you've now fallen into the wonderful world of Indoor (& Outdoor) House Plants continue reading...

Are you Propagating, Finding, or Collecting more plants? (All of the above is an answer too, haha). It's always a good time to begin labelling, and organising your plants. It becomes essential when you need to identify a Plant.

The PLANTAEGE Plant Tags have ample space, which makes it easier to write on. Most Permanent Markers can be used or if using Pencil, the Tags can be cleaned and re-used. Get creative and make your own Plant Labelling System! Organise with your choice of Colours, and in writing, noting in finer details things about the plant i.e. Variety, Size, Batch No., Planted Date.

Just stick it in the growing medium with the plant and you're good to go, since the Tags are waterproof, Uv resistant and re-usable. Great for Indoor use, and does well Outdoors - although a natural rainbow is much preferred outside.

Each Package Includes:  250 x Plant Tags in TOTAL

(Colour Specification: 40x Purple, 40x Blue, 40x Green, 40x Pink, 25x Red, 25x White)

*Please note that colours may not be exactly as they appear through a digital screen, as each device has it's own setting. Plants are NOT included and are only used for illustrative purposes.



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