The 5:1:1 Soil-Less Growing Potting Mix for Indoor Plants

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Many Garden Nurseries sell Soil Mixes which just aren’t suitable for many plants. They’ll often contain added wetting agents, as-well as being easily compacted. 

If you’re on the search for an alternative, this is the well-rounded growing medium that you’re looking for! In fact, this is the mix that we use for almost all our plants at It Plantae.

Why use The 5:1:1 Mix? It allows your plants to reach their potential by allowing airflow, drainage, and moisture for optimal plant growth. You could also use it as the base of your mix, then add amendments and customise it to suit your individual plant needs.

Also, did we mention convenient? Instead needing to spend the time run to the store, buy all the ingredients, measure & mix it up, we’ve done it for you. (P.S. We’ll also ship it to your door!)

Main Benefits: 

  • Moisture Retention - Allows for less frequent watering
  • Sterile Nutrient Rich Medium - Soil-less Medium with bio-available, organic materials
  • Acidic pH features - Slightly acidic, which is great for acid-loving plants.
  • Compaction Prevention - Aerated, and structured mix that allows space for water and air to pass through.

Horticultural Grade Bark - A combination of fine and chunky Radiata Pine Tree (The organic recycled by product of plantation timber). Retains air and water for use by the plant's roots. Holds it’s structure, and breaks down into useable organic material 

Perlite - Your plants’ growth will be aided significantly due to both water holding and aeration properties as well as with holding nutrients which are released as the plant requires them.

Peat Moss - Creates fertile soil and speeds up plant growth. Peat moss is highly absorbent, and easily re-hydrates. This allows the growing medium to drain better when combined in the right ratio.

Pure Worm Castings - Helps to retain up to six times more water than soil, and improve plant growth by up to 50%. Bio-available, organic material.

Suitable for most plants, including but not limited to: Rare, Aroid, Philodendron, Monstera, Hemiepiphyte, Variegated, Syngonium, Alocasia, and many more.

(Each bag contains approximately 70% Pine Bark, 14% Perlite, 14% Peat Moss, 2% Worm Castings)



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