Up Plantae: NARROW (Climbing Plant Support, Connectable Moss Totem Pole, Grow Vertical)

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Up Plantae: For Raising Plants Vertically - (Also known as a Moss Pole; Growing Pole)

The ‘Up Plantae’ is a standalone support system/framework that can connect and creates a sufficient aerated growing space for raising plants vertically.’

What are the benefits?

  • Invaluable aeration provided to aerial roots
  • Choose to fill with a growing medium of choice
  • A long lasting, and re-usable, ‘Moss Pole’ alternative
  • Customizable/Adjustable to fit snug inside the plant's pot
  • Connectable design creates a sufficient growing space that can grow along with the plant!
  • Prevents root circling, by air-pruning the aerial roots that are guided to grow towards an air hole, and drying the tip
  • Encourages fibrous roots, as air-pruning is repeated, and signals growth right back from the main root stem
  • Additional roots able to uptake nutrients and water, leading to faster growth and healthier plants that are raised vertically to their full potential
  • Able to support the weight and growth of the plant (big & small), by forming a solid base and gripping to growing medium with it's cone perforations

[Each package includes: Assembly Instructions, Backing Sheet with Perforations, Diamond Mesh, Chain Fixers.]

*First image is for product demonstration. Plant and pot is not included.


The Up Plantae is available in three widths, and two heights:

  • The NARROW is suitable for pots with a diameter of 14cm or more. The FLAT Dimensions are [Width: 18cm, Height 30cm OR 80cm]
  • The MEDIUM is suitable for pots with a diameter of 22cm or more. The FLAT Dimensions are [Width: 23cm, Height 40cm OR 80cm]
  • The WIDE is suitable for pots with a diameter of 28cm or more. The FLAT Dimensions are [Width: 28cm, Height 40cm OR 80cm]


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