Caladium Thai Beauty

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*PLEASE NOTE: You will receive each plant exactly as pictured (Tuber/Bulb)

Caladium Thai Beauty is a strap leaf Caladium with some unique leaves. When young the leaves are green as it matures the leaves start to turn pink with green and white veins. Once mature it produces a great display of bright pink foliage and unusual veining in each leaf which makes a striking plant. Foliage: Leaves are pink with white and green veins. (Caladiums go dormant in the winter/cold weather months). It grows to around 20 cm high, and clumps and multiplies very readily. Your small plant will turn into a big one very quickly. 

THESE PLANTS SPECIFICALLY (Each sold separately):

First Image is stock photo. Top section of the second image shows the leaves removed from the actual original plant whilst bottom section shows the available bulbs in it's pot.

They are ready to be planted with spring on the way! All are mature bulbs with plenty of roots. The leaves have been removed, (caladiums do not generally travel well, and most will drop leaves anyway ), to re-direct energy to the roots, so they can better establish in their new home. The bigger the bulb, the more potential for growth points (so each are priced accordingly). Get a head start, as the new leaves are starting to push through the sheath of the main stem.

CARE: Requires, rich and well draining soil. Place in bright shade, or mostly shaded area. Needs regular, even watering in growing season, or to be left drier in dormant state. Fertilize regularly with a soluble fertilizer to promote strong foliage growth. They are frost sensitive, so are generally dormant in winter.  Caladiums like warmth and humidity, with a minimum summer temperature of 23 degrees and a minimum winter temperature of 12 degrees.

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