Clear Square Plastic Plant Pots (M) - Grow, Propagation, Seedling

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So you're probably after a Plant Pot, that's 'clear'. Surprisingly enough, there aren't many that are translucent, square, well-draining, and sturdy. If you are looking to grow plants, and like to particularly see them flourish from top to bottom, keep reading…

Utilising advanced plastic injection technology, these Plant Pots are:

- molded to an effective breathable design to keep your plants well-drained and happy

- made from tough plastic to ensure it is durable and re-useable

- featuring a Translucent colour, that allows you to keep an eye on your plant's growth below the surface

- square-shaped to allow for space saving efficiency when used for growing multiple plants


Quantity: 76 pcs


Size: Medium

Top Width: 90mm

Base Width: 70mm

Height: 125mm

*Please note that the size could vary slightly


Material: Translucent PP

Brand: It Plantae (Australian Owned)

Manufactured In: China



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Packed inside a postage box. (We try our best to use re-purposed, recyclable, or biodegradable materials where available)

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